Man with electric blue lines of energySome of the issues exclusive to men's health include: impotence, low sperm count, premature ejaculation, benign prostate hypertrophy,  and prostatitis.  Oriental medicine can successfully improve each of these conditions.  By diagnosing the organ systems affected, Oriental medicine addresses the underlying causes and offers safe and effective treatment and improvement; even when a total cure is not possible.   Men over 50 also face a slowly ensuing male menopause, as there is an increased ratio of estrogen to testosterone; just as the inverse happens in women.

None of these conditions exist in isolation, but are part and parcel of the overall health of an individual.  Kidney yin or yang deficiency,  for instance, can cause a network of interconnected symptoms including:  low back pain, low sperm count,  low motility,  impotence, nocturia, incontinence, emotional stress, and depression. By diagnosing the organ systems and the meridians involved, we can shift not only the symptoms in question, but improve the overall health of the person in treatment without harmful side effects.

In most cases Chinese herbal remedies are an important part of treatment.  Like food, herbs nourish deficiencies and clear excesses. Diet suggestions may also be offered as adjuncts to treatment.

Conditions such as those listed above can take many years to manifest.  While the promise of a quick fix is as American as apple pie, effective treatment may take time; and nourishing and clearing the body of deficiency and stasis is a process which yields a happier and healthier person overall.