China figureIf you have watched television in the last few years you have probably seen the myriad of commercials regarding menstrual bloating, cramping, and other “feminine” problems. The medicine show approach seems to throw everything but the kitchen sink at the problem to the point of even suggesting that women change their menstrual cycle to 4 times a year, a drastic approach to say the least. Acupuncture, coupled with Chinese herbs is a very effective form of treating menstrual issues. If only we had the advertising budget of the drug companies, we could educate women as to the underlying energetic behind the disharmony and clear up the mystery of PMS.

Acupuncture coupled with Chinese herbs is successful in shifting the majority of such problems, and as the underlying pattern is ameliorated, symptoms lessen and treatment frequency decreases as well.


In brief, in Chinese medicine the Liver is in charge of the smooth movement of qi and blood in the body. So if there are underlying disharmonies within or related to the liver meridian/liver blood they must be resolved. The emotion of anger, and its cousin’s frustration and irritability, pertain to the liver as well. The Liver is also the organ connected to the season of spring. (See Energy and the Seasons) Because spring energy is an up lifting yang energy – think of the little plants and bulbs pushing their way out toward the light – its disharmonies frequently tend to be pushy in nature and relate to the various emotional manifestations of anger. So emotionally we see irritability as synonymous with PMS; and physically we see cramps, an even more palpable manifestation of pushiness in the body. The stronger the cramps the harder the liver is working to insure the smooth movement of menstrual blood.

Stagnation & Damp Heat

Many other common problems, including yeast infections, small fibroids, endometriosis, and various forms of pain can also be treated with acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Chronic yeast infections indicate damp heat in the “lower jiao” (the area of the torso below the umbilicus.) Acupuncture, herbs, and appropriate diet therapy can cure this irritating disorder so the pattern of antibiotics and anti-fungal use can stop.


Fibroids are a form of congealed stagnant blood, also in the lower jiao. Smaller fibroids may be dissolved through the use of acupuncture and herbal therapy. Even if one has fibroids that may not be able to fully respond to acupuncture/herbal treatment, it is important to consider that the pattern of stagnation which originated the fibroids will not necessarily be shifted with surgical intervention. So it may be advantageous to utilize acupuncture and herbs even when surgery is a viable option.


Deficiency conditions can result in amenorrhea and various other disorders.  The kidney's contain our "essence", if the essence of the kidneys is deficient - due to overwork, stress, disease, or aging - miscarriages, irregular periods, or infertility, may result. Through an examination of the symptoms, pulse, and tongue; the oriental medical practitioner can formulate a strategy to replenish the essence and address the source of the imbalance when possible.